Session 1

Delivering several packages in a sensible sequence (recap activity)


• Write an algorithm to include intermediate deliveries
• Levels 17 to 18 in Rapid Router
• Resource sheets 1 and 2
• Directly, on the way
• Deliver, destination

Let’s get started

Explain that you are going to look at more complicated routes for delivery vans.
What if you have more than one package to deliver before arriving at your final destination?
Give two students a basket or a bag each. Ask them to stand at different parts of the classroom.
Demonstrate the activity by pretending to be the van driver holding two packages. Take a long and inefficient route to deliver the packages, and then reach your final destination. Ask the pair to record the movements using the forward, turn and deliver instructions.
Ask the students to comment on how good your route was.
Now get them to ‘do better’. Position the students in different places.
Ask one student to be the van driver, holding the two packages.
Ask the others to give instructions to the van driver to deliver each package in turn whilst another student or pair records the journey.
Discuss: How did you decide which package to deliver first?

Paired activity

fig S1.1 - Level 17
Using resource sheet 1 and 2, ask the students to try the challenges involving one or more stops on the way to the house (levels 17 [fig S1.1] to 18 [fig S1.2] ).
fig S1.2 - Level 18

Share and review

Pull together what the students have learnt in this session.
How did you decide which package to deliver first?
Can we think of an algorithm for the driver so that the van always takes the shortest route?
At this level we are just looking for a simple logical approach e.g. start at the closest house and then go to the next closest, etc...